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Berlin: Beruang dimana-mana

Thursday 3 December 2009 - Filed under asupan gizi + friends from heaven + plesiran

Visiting Berlin as a Capital City of Germany means meeting with the bears. Yaps, The Standing Bear become a quite common in Berlin region. Lots of bears around Berlin; including in the pathway to the toilet! Whoops!

Tried to get the connection between Berlin and the bears, owh, I didn’t find it. The origins of the city name “Berlin” has no relation with the bears. “Berlin” seems to derive from an older Slavic word, “Brl”, means marsh or very damp place. Ow!

But, the bear become a mascot of Berlin and it’s present on a flag of Berlin. And the prize of famous Berlin International Film Festival is Golden Bear statue. Moreover, the Berlin bear first appeared on the seal of an official document in 1280.

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2009-12-03  »  Femi Adi